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  Laser Ear

The “Laser Ear” is a long range, State of the Art, highly directional microphone specially developed for Governments and their Law Enforcement organizations, to be used covertly in situations when entrance is not suitable for placing a listening device into the targeted room. It allows the operator to carry out undetectable, long range surveillance from the outside of the building.

The “Laser Ear” consists of three parts:

  • Laser Transmitter
  • Laser Receiver
  • Amplifier Unit with Audio-Recorder

This system is operated by transmitting an invisible IR (Infra-red) beam to the window of the target room. It picks up the vibration of the window pain, according to the sound waves emanating from speech, bounces it back to the Laser Optical Receiver where the modulated beam is synonymously converted into electronic signals, which are then interpreted back into audible voice, amplified and fed into a professional UHER recorder. The complete system is supplied in large water proof transportable camera case, including the amplifier, the filters and the recorder. It transmits and records sound wave vibrations, reflected of smooth surface of the glass ( single or double thermo pane ). Rippled or grained glass will not provide a suitable reflecting surface and in most cases it will not work. However, acoustic interferences caused by interior or exterior sound wave reflections may be filtered and modulated trough the Lasers Optical Receiver. The transmission may be also fine tuned by modulating the search tone or by changing the placement of the receiver itself
Technical Specifications
 Laser Transmitter LASR-2000

Laser Type Semi-conductor Laser

Wave Length

750 - 840 nm
Output Power 5 mW automatically controlled
Power Supply 8 x 1.5 V AAA Battery (extern)
Built-in Microphone 60 dB High sensitivity Microphone
Current Consumption approx. 100 mA
Beam Focusing 135 mm
Target Finder through lens
Connections 1 for power supply
Mounting standard to fit to the tripod
Operating Time color camera
Other features switch able modulation, search tone
      Laser EAR-2000

Laser Type noiseless PIN-Diode

Wave Length

Lens 500 mm
Power Supply 9 V Block Battery
Battery Life 15-50 hours (depending on the adjusted volume)
Current Consumption 10 - 30 mA


Amplifier unit connected by cable with Laser Receiver


Connections Headphone, Speaker
Voice Filter Equalizer, adjustable
Voice Recorder built-in and internally connected with the amplifier


Dimensions 470 x 380 x 220mm


10.5 kg without batteries and tripods
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