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  Electronic Stethoscope Plus Non-Linear Junction Detector

It is a very sensitive device which can detect very weak sound of mechanical run back timers and electronic timing systems in improvised explosive devices.

Its crystal detection facility is used for detecting the electronic circuits commonly found in improvised explosive devices, radio transmitters and wireless devices e.g. digital devices, mobile phones, electrical devices.

It can detect all above mentioned items through solid materials such as walls, bricks, glass, plastic, concrete, inside the ceiling, wood, packing materials etc.


Control Unit

Size: 9042150(mm)

Weight: 700g (including battery)

Material: Aluminum

Operating temperature: temperature -5? ~ 70?, humidity: RH 10?90%

24hours working capability (9.6V)

Detection Head

High-sensitive detection head

Stereo headphone

  • Using high-sensitive headphone

  • Operating frequency range: 10 ~ 25,000Hz

    It is an essential device for Police, Military and Special Force EOD/IEDD forces around the world. Special application areas are Airports, Check Points, Govt. Buildings, Power Plants, Nuclear Zone, Police & Military Zone, Oil & Chemical Zone and Religious Centers.

  • Convenience: Portable, simple use, light weight

  • Capable of synchronous hearing and detecting long distance range with safety

  • Able to detect the cellular phone, wireless phone etc

  • Able to connect with other devices (recorder, computer) by using RCA jack

  • Able to listen and monitor the digital frequency (incoming call conversation etc)

  • Able to detect through world wide solid materials (walls, bricks, glass, plastic, concrete, inside the      ceiling, wood, packing materials etc.)

  • Able to detect electric circuit and charged circuit.

  • Audios frequency proof sensor provide very pleasant operation in noisy area

  • Able to detect all kind of watch or clock in any environment

  • Compatible with EOD suit and EOD robot

  • Able to provide function to 2 users by 1 unit at the same time

  • Able to work in any environment

  • Nothing is affected on its operations (temperature or environment)
  • The system is provided complete with the following items
  • Weatherproof, Audio proof and high sensitive

  • Crystal sensor with extension able telescope

  • Processing Control Unit (Included Battery)

  • Headphone

  • Charger

  • Connection Jack

  • Waterproof, Special High Density Equipment Case

  •          Headset Bluetooth (option)
             Bluetooth TX (option)

  • User Manual
  • Equipment Packaging
  • Engineering special plastic case

  • Lock keeping the inside safe as well as protecting form the impact

  • Not affected by chemicals

  • Weight: 9kg (including device)

  • Waterproof
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