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The Vitalizer Plus applies the principles of nature - scientifically, to create a water with special life-enhancing properties. Using the principles of physical and electromagnetic energy, the Vitalizer Plus creates a living, dynamic water that improves the function and homeostasis of the body.


The hexagonal water structure is capable of rapid penetration within the cells of your body. It has been scientifically documented to improve hydration, nutrient delivery,waste removal, cellular communication and metabolic efficiency.
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Main Element


Bio Mineral Ball

66 g

Ca,P,Mg,Na,K etc

- Disolves Minarals in the water
- Softens the Water
- Makes structuralized water

Antibiosis Ball

12 g

Silver Coated Minaral

- For anti-bacteria

Coral Sand

15 g

Coral Sand

- Makes water batter testing
- Makes structuralized water

Calcium Sulphite Ball

11 g

Ca,P,Mg,Na,K etc

- Alkalizes the water by
  increasing calcium ions
- Makes structuralized water

Tourmaline Ball

6 g


- Adds Negative ions in the water
- Balances ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential)
- Helps delay aging

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