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  X-Ray Lens

  • Wish to have fun and see what can't be seen in naked eyes?

  • X-Rays lens allow you to see through clothing, dark glasses, sunglass or even ink.

  • Have fun at swimming pool, showcase, beauty contest, modeling show or any party where girls tend to show off.

  • Great use for Police, Military, Private investigator or personal to see through dark glasses, curtains or sunglass.

  • Just plug in this special lens at selected night vision video camera or black and white camera and see its action.

  • See Through to what's unseen without being notice.
Product Descriptions

  •  Size : available in sizes of 30mm / 37mm / 58mm.

  •  Weight :50g

  •  Function: Cooperate with night vision type V8 record video tape player or digital camera.

  •  Only perspective nylon cloth.

  •  Equip with 30mm / 37mm / 58mm camera meet ring.

  •  May also add meet ring alteration caliber Infrared ray wave length for 830mm
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