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  Thumb Camera
Thumb Camera is a Micro Camera & DVR (Digital AV Recorder).

It can record Audio and Video up to 33 hour on a 1GB micro SD card.

It is ideal for both Spy and surveillance or can use to write your personal video diary also great for journalists who need some hidden investigative news, even great for the professional investigators.
Specifications and Usage

  • Dimension : 73mm x 20mm x 12mm

  • Weight : 95g (including battery)

  • Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

  • It is great for use as a hidden CAM, spy CAM etc.

  • Real time recording in 3GP video format

  • Color video with voice lets you clearly see who's there & hear what they say

  • It comes with built-in rechargeable battery so there's no long cord for you to hide

  • Use micro SD card from 128MB to 2GB

  • The captured video can be playback on cell phone or PC
    Camera Technical Parameter
    Video Compression 3GP video format, 176x144 ,QCIF@15fps
    Voice Recording Yes
    Internal Memory No
    Micro SD card / T-Flash card support 128MB to 2GB ( Comes with 1 GB Memory)
    Recording Mode Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
    Video File Size >300KB per minute
    Adaptor Type USB adaptor charging cable
    Battery Type Lithium-ion
    Record Time Up to 4 hours
    Manual User manual
    Accessories USB Cable DA
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