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  Intelligent Air Purifier
XJ-3800 Ionic Air purifier
  • Odor, dust and allergen sensors let you know when certain pollutants are detected, such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and many more.

  • The clean air monitor tells you how clean or polluted the air is. If you select "Automatic" mode, the Intelli-Pro will automatically adjust the settings accordingly, reducing electricity usage if the air is fairly clean.

  • Diagnostic sensors indicate when to replace filters, and when to clean the metal dust collector grid.

  • The UV light and negative ion indicators let you know that these functions are working, and indicate when the UV lamp needs to be replaced.

    Six Leading Air-Cleaning Technologies:

  • Electro statically-charged dust collection grid traps particles & pollutants like a magnet. Simply wipe clean when dirty.

  • Long-lasting, high-efficiency HEPA filter - most effective way to capture dust and allergens.
    Activated carbon filter traps chemicals, gases and odors. · Germicidal UV lamp destroys micro-organisms.

  • Air-cleaning negative ions are circulated throughout the room. Completely safe (virtually no ozone), and scientifically proven to be effective and to enhance filter efficiency.

  • The washable pre filter does not require replacement, and enhances the durability and performance of the other filters.
How Intelli-Pro Purifies the Air

  • Washable Pre Filter. The air first enters pre filter, capturing the largest particles, which enhances the durability and performance of the other filters.

  • Washable Dust Collector Plates. The electrostatically-charged dust collector grid traps particles and pollutants like a magnet.

  • Activated Carbon Filter. The best type of air filter for trapping chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke.

  • High-Efficiency HEPA Filter.The most effective type of air filter at capturing dust, allergens and other solid particles (including bacteria).

  • Germicidal UV Lamp.The most effective way to destroy micro-organisms, such as germs, viruses, fungi (such as mold) and bacteria. Also destroys micro-organisms including those that are trapped by the HEPA air filter, preventing them from reproducing and recirculating through the room.

  • Safe and Effective Ionizer. Circulates trillions of negative ions to neutralize floating pollutants throughout the room. A Journal of Hygiene study found negative ions to improve efficiency of filter units, and multiple studies have found ionizers to be highly effective against dust, bacteria, etc.
Specifications----Ionic Air Purifier
Model XJ-3800
Rated Voltage Europe AC230/50Hz
USA/Japan AC100-120V/50-60hz
Power Consumption 80W
Activated Oxygen <0.05ppm
Negative Ions >2*10 2/cm³
UV Spectrum >20uv/cm³(at 10cm-distance)
Sound Level(dB) QUIT20 LOW35 MED45 HIGH52
Air Volume Max 3.0M2/Min
Removal Rate 0.3 micron 80% 1 micron 99.97%
Weight 6850g
Applicable Area 70M²
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