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  Intelligent Air Purifier
XJ 3000C Anion
  • Utilizing high performance "HEPA" filter.

  • Multi-functions 3 layers filter materials.

  • UV sanitizing, remove dust, odor and smoke.

  • Excellent dust collection rate up to 99.97%.

  • Effectively filter super fine particles up to 0.3µm in size.

  • Large air flow volume rapidity circulate purified air indoor.

  • Thick filter provide up to 2 years service life.

  • Wholly electronic circuit, low noise design.

    Technologies for Every Pollutant -How the Multi-Tech Removes Common Household Pollutants:

  • Dust/Dust Mites- Hepa air filters are highly effective at capturing. Ionization also helps to remove from air. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.

  • Bacteria- Captured very effectively by Hepa air filters. Neutralized by negative ions & ozone sanitization.

  • Pollen/Allergens- Hepa air filter are commonly recommended filter for allergens. Negative ions effective at removing allergens from air.

  • Mold/Fungi- Hepa air filter highly effective at capturing spores, especially with help of negative ions. UV light deadly against toxins from mold. Ozone sanitization effective against mildew smell.

  • Cigarette Smoke- Carbon air filter absorbs smoke particles & chemicals, & reduces odors. Ionizer also removes smoke particles from air. Ozone & UV sanitization highly effective against strong smoke odors.

  • Chemicals- Carbon air filter effective at absorbing chemicals and gases. Ionizer & ozone sanitizer also help to neutralize.

  • Germs/Viruses- UV light deadly against micro-organisms such as germs/viruses. Negative ions also help to neutralize.

    XJ-3000C is a product with highest technologies content. It is the pioneer in the application of “HEPA” filter-a high class filter media used in clean room-in household air purifiers. The 3 layers “HEPA” high performance filter can filter 0.3 u.m size super fine particles at an effective rate of 99.97%. XJ-3000C with thickened filter core and increased filtering surface extended service life of filter core to 2 years. This purifiter equipped with a 2 M³ /min blower rapidly circulate and purify the indoor air, thus shorted purifying time. XJ-3000C also neutralizes poisonous gases, thus creates fresh and clean air. The control panel utilizes soft touch button, 3 speed switch and timer operating system allows easy adjustment of purifying speed and convenient control of the operation. The germicidal ultraviolet light inside the XJ-3000C destroys germs, viruses, bacteria, and other biological pollutants. The UV light also prevents micro organisms captured by the HEPA filter from reproducing. It is suitable for a room of 40 M² and is an ideal air purifiter for hotels, offices, and hospitals.
Specifications----Anion Air Purifier
Model XJ-3000C
Rated Voltage European Standard AC230V/50Hz
Japanese/ American Standard
Power Consumption 40W
Negative ion output >1*10/6cm³
Active Oxygen output <0.12mg/m³
Negative Ions >2*10 2/cm³
Applicable Area 40m²
Dimension 380*197*330(mm)
Weight 4.5kg
Noise level(db) Weak35(db)medium50(db)strong56(db)
Dust removal rate 1 microns99.97%
Air Volume App.2.0M³/Min
Purifier Time 2 M³/Min
HEPA Filters 3 layers High Performance Filters.
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