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 Home Guard Camera / Baby Monitor with Inbuilt Recorder
A small portable recording device built-in a motion-activated color pinhole camera at Hi-resolution.

  • A small portable device with built-in Hi-resolution pinhole camera.

  • When set on motion recording the unit will detect movement and record to the onboard memory.      Recording auto resumes after power loss and back.

  • Automatic image control functions

  • Supports flexible playback mode: Normal Playback, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Step Playback.

  • The selectable three level image qualities and frame rate.

  • Users - friendly and compact - size interface enable easy recording setup.

  • Use anywhere ( Supports DC 12V or 4 x AA batteries )

  • Applications

  • Records events / theft

  • Baby/child/Patient/Pet monitoring

  • Door entrance monitoring

  • Guest/visitor & Store/business/restaurant monitoring

  • Home / Warehouse/ Garage/ Car monitoring & security ( The unit looks like an air freshener but can be      hidden in almost any thing including books, towels, under furniture etc. )

  • The applications for this unit truly are endless. It solves the problem of pulling cables to the camera because the recorder is built right in. Operating on batteries you can simply turn the unit on, place it to view the area you want to record and walk away. When set on motion recording the unit will detect movement and record to the onboard memory. When the movement stops the unit stops recording. The system can be set to shut off when the memory is full or to over right the oldest clips and continue to record. To play the video recording back you simply connect it to your TV with an RCA cable and play back the clear video with the controls on the back of the unit. It does not get any easier!
    Easy 3 Step Record and Playback
    Turn on the Mini-Spycam DVR by using switch.
    Place Mini-Spycam DVR in desired location and let it record.
    Plug the device later into any TV for easy viewing.
    The check list of the package

  • Main unit x 1

  • Video cables x 2

  • Power adapter x 1

  • Camera bracket 1

  • User manual x 1
  • Specifications

    Video Compression


    Image Device

    1/6” Color CMOS sensor

    Video Format

    NTSC / PAL

    S/N Ratio


    Electronic Shutter


    Lens Furnished

    Board Lens 3.62mm / F2.8

    White Balance


    Gain Control



    VGA ( 640x480)@12 IPS / QVGA ( 320x240 )@30IPS


    High / Medium / Low


    Manual, Continuous, Motion Detection

    Storage Capacity

    Secure Digital (SD) Card
    Record Time
    (512 MB)

    Quality Level

    320x240@30 IPS / 640 x 480@12 IPS


    550 / 400 minutes


    270 / 240 minutes
    Hight 220 / 125 minutes
    Memory Full Selectable Function: Full Stop / Overwrite
    Playback Mode Forward / Rewind: x1 / x4 / x8 / x16 / x32, Pause and Step
    Search Method By Date, Time
    Motion Detection Full Screen/ Adjustable Detection Sensitivity
    On Screen Display Mode / Date / Time / Status
    Video Output 1 Vp-p / 75 Ohms
    Power Supply DC12V/AC110V or DC12V/AC230V (option) or 4xAA Batteries
    Battery Life ( NiMH 2100mA ) 4 hours and 45 minutes
    Power Consumption 2.0W max.
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 82x134x71 mm
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