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Measurement Meters

 Deep Search Gold Detector
Main Parameters

Power supply: DC12V

Shooting frequency: 6.99 KHz

Signal frequency: 437 KHz

Visual: Lever Meter

Indicator Sound: 2 Speaker or earphone (earphone not included)

Disc: Ground Balance Controls

Disc Control: Ground Balance Control

Tune control: Sensitivity Control

Discrimination Control

Zeroing Control

Working electric current: 300MA at Max Volume

Sensitivity: 35cm or a US (25cent) Quarter with meter

Indication at min, discrimination

Accessories: Battery box and battery bag

Gross weight: 3.2kg

Colour: Black


Detection Depth: 3-5m (max detection depth)

Strong pinpointing performance

Can penetrate the earth, the stone, the chinaware or other plastic and wooden material which covered on the metal and find the metal exactly

Great discrimination

Easy operation

Main functions

  • Suitable to detect and distinguish metal buried in the earth

  • Suitable for checking metal in food, fuel, and luggage

  • Suitable for detecting underground pipes

  • Suitable for mining and archeological digs

  • Have the function to distinguish ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal

  • Adopt the intellectualized operation system

  • Use the high strength material of ABS with light weight and long life span

  • To distinguish the sound of ferrous via the earphone.
  • Packing

    Each pieces in one inner box & 4pcs in one outer carton

    Outer Carton measure: 840mm*320mm*640mm
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