The Group
Our group of companies had started its business in 1993 with Head Quarters in Dehradun and over the last 14 years the group has grown from strength to strength across India and abroad.

Our valued clientele speaks volume for us and starting from top bureaucrats, we have virtually covered the entire government departments and have also been able to sell very heavily in multi-national companies and public sector undertakings, banks etc.

Our products are  also available  through  national  government  agencies  like  Kendriya  Bhandar and NCCF (National Co-Operative Consumer Federation of India Ltd).

The  employees  working  in  our company  are  one  of  the  biggest  assets that  we  have.  Starting from a small  sales  force  the  group today has a very strong  team of people situated in our branches in India and abroad.

With a growth  rate  of 50% which  is much  higher than the industry's growth  our group is to be  reckoned with and definitely a player to be looked out for.

The Company

While our other companies are concentrating on IT solutions & services, we started this company to look after the business of promoting innovative technological products & solutions across India and abroad while sourcing them from various reputed OEMs across the world

We are exclusive importers & exporters of many innovative hi-tech products covering following streams:

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Solutions
Security, Safety & Surveillance Products
Proprietary Technology Products
Concept Products
Healthcare Technologies
Innovative Information Technology Products
Police & Military Products
Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Systems
Optical Technologies

We are currently associated with various overseas manufacturers for their innovative technological products and with various business partners for promotion of the products. We would like to have more such associations in the future.

We are committed to the future and are engaged in providing a wide range of advanced products through more flexible and adoptable policies.

The Strengths

Presently our group turnover is around 7.5 million and we are planning to increase the same by around fifty percent every year during the next five years.

We have offices in India and China. We are also planning to co-ordinate with new exclusive alliances and business partners in other major cities of India & abroad.

We have installed client's systems at many prestigious and sensitive locations. We have a clientele that extends from central government, state government to major institutions and industries.

These customers bear testimony to the excellence and competence of the product as well as our commitment to play a vital role in the improvement of advanced technological trade globally.

Our 10,000 square feet facility is coming up at Dehradun whose graphics is seen as below:

You are welcome to visit our another company website at www.thecreatorsystems.com
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